Which SCA methods are supported by Ibanity?

Ibanity supports all SCA methods exposed by the financial institutions (redirected, embedded and decoupled). The redirection model seems to be the most popular model among banks however.

In the basic scenario, Ibanity provides the TPP with a link in the ASPSP domain to which the PSU can be redirected for authentication and authorization purposes. In this case, Ibanity and the TPP are only informed of the outcome of the process and they have no control on the customer journey.

Ibanity also has an Authorization Portal, which is a white-labelled front-end offered to the TPPs in order to cope with financial institutions’ authorization servers that only implement the embedded authorization model. The Authorization Portal allows these TPPs to save the cost of developing the necessary screens and logic for managing such interfaces, as they can simply redirect their PSUs to the portal.