What is an API aggregator?

Ibanity is an API aggregator. That is to say an API on top of many different APIs, with the objective of providing the developers with a single, unified point of implementation, regardless of the specificities of the downstream APIs exposed by the ASPSPs. No two APIs are built the same in the current open banking ecosystem and no two ASPSPs are similar.

There is indeed already fragmentation on the European market, at this early stage of PSD2 implementation. As a developer, think therefore about the complexity of dealing with dozens of variations of:

  • APIs' granularity
  • Authentication models
  • Pagination models (in list of account transactions for instance)
  • Proper use of HTTP verbs and status codes
  • Error handling (clear and straightforward)
  • Developer onboarding process
  • ...

Ibanity's ambition is to abstract that complexity for developers and reduce the integration efforts from many to one, based on a clean and standardized API.