How do you manage SCA and SCA exemptions?

The objective of Ibanity is to unify the SCA capabilities exposed by the ASPSPs, in order to offer you homogeneous SCA interactions, via simple APIs. In other words, we can abstract the variety and complexity of different SCA methods into one single (redirected, embedded or decoupled) unified model for you.

This being said we see that most of (all) the ASPSPs are implementing the redirection model as the first available SCA method in their PSD2 XS2A channel. Ibanity therefore only supports this redirection model in the first version of the product.

Note that the provision by the banks of the sole SCA redirection model is not qualified anymore by the regulator as a potential obstacle to the smooth delivery of PIS and AIS by TPPs. Provided of course that this redirection model does not hamper the user experience. In case decoupled models are put forward by the ASPSPs later, we will also support them.

With respect to the SCA exemptions, we see that most ASPSPs are willing to implement the exemption on payment account information as described in Article 10 of the final RTS on SCA and CSC. This operating model is fully supported in Ibanity.