Do I need a licence to operate with Ibanity XS2A


Ibanity is a technical service provider and we leverage your own license and qualified certificates to access the bank accounts of your customers on your behalf. You obtain this license from a national competent authority (NCA) in the EU.

The authorization process of the Belgian NCA (National Bank of Belgium) is described at this page: (see “Application Guide for Belgian payment institutions and institutions for electronic money”)  

If you want, as a Belgian payment institution, to offer your services in other EEA countries (i.e. access the banks in these other EEA countries), you must submit an ad hoc request, in accordance with the passporting procedure described in the aforementioned application guide. If you are not a Belgian payment institution, check the procedure with your NCA (it should be very similar to the Belgian one).

Note that to be able to offer your services in UK, you also need to register with UK’s Open Banking Directory by following the procedure described on this website:

Remark: Neo-banks are regulated in specific countries. For example, N26 is supervised by the German regulator and Revolut by the FCA in UK.