A document was sent but the recipient claims he didn’t receive it

What checks can be made?

  • If a document is successfully sent to a receiver via PEPPOL, a “transmission ID” (a sort of handshake between the sender and receiver, acknowledging the transfer of the document) will be available for the software. With this transmission ID, the sender can ask the receiving party to check with their PEPPOL access point provider.

    Some receivers have extra validation rules after accepting the document. An example is the Flemish Government who requires a correctly formatted order reference, more info can be found on the website of the Flemish government.
  • If a document is successfully sent via Zoomit but a customer claims he didn’t receive it, check with the customer whether he actively uses Zoomit and/or the correct IBAN was used to address the customer.

Remark: If CodaBox was not able to send the document to the receiver, an error will be given.

For more information about possible errors, please see the API documentation.